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The Church Center & FBC App

Why Do I Need Two Apps?

CHURCH CENTER is the app that helps us GATHER and SERVE as a church family. The FBC app is where we GROW and STUDY as we access sermons, podcasts, and more.

When would I use CHURCH CENTER?

The CHURCH CENTER app keeps you in the loop!   It is the fastest way to update your contact info, connect through the online directory, give instantly, pre-check your family for services and events, browse & join groups, connect with people and resources within these groups, and register for events.

When would I use the FBC app?

The FBC app is where we GROW and STUDY as we access the bible, sermons, testimonials, podcasts and the live stream.

How can I use these apps?

What if technology isn't my thing?

You can visit us any Sunday at the Welcome Desk. We'd be happy to sign you up for events, groups, etc. or walk you through how to access what you need. We're here to serve! You can also email Sheri Pedersen with any questions.