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How to pre-check my family for Sunday School

Mobile Check-In & FBC Kids Pre Check-In

Speed up the check-in process by starting before you even arrive.
You can check-in anyone connected to your household right from your device.
Have kids? Select all the kids in your household that you want to check in.
When you arrive, scan your phone at a check-in station to receive your name tags.

How to use check-in from your phone

You can pre-check your kids on the way to church!

1. Open the Church Center mobile app and log in.

2. Tap the CHECK-IN icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select the names of the children you would like to check-in and tap PREPARE CHECK-IN.

4. When you arrive at church, scan the QR code on your phone at the self check station.  Your children’s name tags will print.

NOTE: If your bring grandchildren or neighbors to church with you, contact Sheri Pedersen about connecting them to your profile for ease of check-in. You won’t be able to pre-check ahead of time, but you will be able to check them in using your own phone number to look them up. Please don’t add them to your own household.