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Small Groups

Struggling to find the right small group?
We can help.

Traditional Small Groups

Why? At FBC, we believe that God has placed us into the body of Christ to live in relationship with each other, which is an expression of our truest identity (Ephesians 2:19). Small groups present the greatest potential for experiencing deeper spiritual growth and the richness of authentic community as we live for Christ in relationships, extending love, support, and grace to each other.

What? Each group has the freedom to decide how they accomplish the purpose of small groups. Some read and discuss the sermon, some study other books of the Bible, some use video bible study on a topic, and others read and discuss books.

When? These groups usually meet in homes or at the church weekly (often Wed. night) and in groups of 12-20+ depending on the host home.

How? We design small groups around geography as well as need, which creates a good amount of flexibility. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which every believer is nurtured forward in loving God and others so that they make an impact in the world everywhere they go.

FBC is committed to expanding our small group ministry by recruiting and training new leaders for the growth and benefit of the body. If you are interested in starting or leading a small group, please make a note of that in this form, and we will provide you with FBC's small group leader requirements and expectations.
We have small groups all over the South Sound area.  If you are interested in joining a small group, take a moment and fill out this form, and we will contact you to set it up!

Table Groups

Want to enjoy the close-knit atmosphere of a small group, but are unable to carve out another night of the week?

Check out Table Groups! We meet at the church on Sunday mornings before the service (8:45-9:30). Each person or couple will meet with the same group each week so as to facilitate building relationships.

The purpose of the Table Groups is to provide mutual support, encouragement, application of the weekly sermons and FUN to our lives. All ages are welcome.

Fellowship - 10 min
Recap of Last Week's Message - 5 min
Discussion of Sermon - 20 min
Prayer - 10 min