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Young Adult Ministry 2023 Conference



Conversations on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of the significance of our identity – created male and female in the image of God.  How has the Fall marred the divine blueprint?  In what ways is God restoring His design as we grow in relationship with Him and with each other.

Throughout history, humanity has grappled with questions of identity, purpose, and the role of gender in society. Our conference aims to foster meaningful conversations that draw from the depths of God’s Word to shed light on these sensitive issues.

Our diverse lineup of speakers will share their wisdom and experiences, providing valuable insights into how we can collectively work towards restoring God's good design in our lives and communities.  If you are looking for guidance on how to live out this truth in your daily life, this conference offers a space for meaningful conversations and reflection.
WHEN: Saturday, November 18; 9am - 9pm
WHERE: FBC Fireside Room
COST: $35 - includes meals, and SWAG
BRING: Bible (or Bible app), pen (notebook will be provided), and $2 for a morning latte from Sacred Grounds (optional)

Each person will receive a BOOK GIVEAWAY of their choice, with the option to purchase additional titles below retail value!


Theology of Imago Dei

Dive into deep theological discussions about the image of God in humanity, understanding how our original design has been marred by sin and how it can be restored as we grow in relationship with Christ.

Male Female Relationship

What does it mean to be created male and female in the image of God, and how does this  shape our understanding of gender identity and roles, and impact the way we enter  relationship with each other?


Discover practical steps and insights for restoring God's good design in a broken world. Learn how to engage with  contemporary issues related to gender, sexuality, and human relationships in a way that reflects God's redemptive plan.


9:00 Arrive, get coffee and pastries
9:30 JOINT SESSIONS (men & women together)
Session 1 BRUCE: Biblical Gender Roles
Session 2 NATE: Sexual Wholesomeness
Session 3 RANDY: Male/Female Relationships
12:30  LUNCH
2:00 DIVIDED SESSIONS (men & women split-up)
MEN: Discussion led by Bruce, Randy & Keith
  • Male servant-leadership (not lordship)
  • Boyz 2 Men (how to become a Catch)
  • Pornography
  • How to date a woman
WOMEN: Discussion led by Emily, Tyla, June, Maria, Keila & Sheri
  • "Helper" but not less-than
  • What is a "quiet and gentle spirit" anyway?
  • Modesty... (are we supposed to be braiding our hair or what?)
  • Slippery Slope of dating an unbeliever
  • “The “Icks” That Matter” or “Pick Your Ick” (how to spot a godly man!)
  • Dealing with sexual sin
5:30  DINNER
7:00  JOINT SESSIONS (men & women together)
Session 4 SHERI: The 7 Myths of Singleness
Wrap Up – Discussion and Q&A
8:30  Clean up
9:00  End


  • Can Guys and Girls be friends?
  • Honoring gender differences
  • Understanding the Christian Sexual Ethic and wisely handling temptation
  • Graciously addressing hot cultural topics like gender identity and pronoun use
  • How to date a woman
  • Pick Your Ick, or How to Spot a Godly Man
  • Navigating rejection
  • Leadership and Submission
  • Single, not “Incomplete”