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Gospel Tech Seminar

Part Two - October 18 @ 6:30pm

Catch up on Part One below:

Whether we realize it or not, the phone in our pocket (and other tech) is one of the most powerful shaping forces in our lives – and many of us (especially parents!) aren't aware of the ways it’s influencing us and our kids. This presentation will help Christians evaluate our personal use of our phones, social media, and other tech in light of the gospel.

Topics addressed will include answers for these important questions:

  • Should I let my kid have a smartphone? If not, what are other good options?
  • How much tech use is healthy for adults?
  • Should I let my kids play video games? How much?
  • How can I help my kids avoid pornography or predators?
  • What about kids and tablets?
  • What's "entertainment tech" vs. "tool tech"?
  • What's the link between tech use and mental health?
And much more!