WW: Week Three


Last week our focus was on “Ultimate Authority” and the inauguration. We shared several verses that God is the one who establishes and removes kings and authorities on earth throughout history. Nate’s message from Esther was a great reminder that even though God is the ultimate authority, He (and His people/followers) have an enemy (Ephesians 6:10-12, 1 Pet 5:8). As we see in Esther, this enemy has arrayed his dark forces against the people of God and wants to destroy them. We see him working through Haman and King Ahasuerus to try and accomplish his destruction of God’s people. Relating this story to us and our time, Nate brought up two ways for us to deal with persecution. The first is to face the situation with our best weapon, which is prayer, not politics. Secondly, we need to see our persecutors, not as enemies but as captives. They are fellow human beings who have been captured by the spiritual forces of evil. We need to pray, pray, pray (Matthew 5:44)!

In Esther, God had been working His plan all along to rescue His people from Haman and the enemies’ plan of destruction (hindsight is always 20/20).

Questions for reflection:

  • How do you view or respond to God when you are being persecuted or going through some trial and you don’t see God changing your circumstances or those around you?
  • How can we speak to our hearts and minds a God perspective (book of Esther) as we view the changes happening in our country and world? (growing hostility towards Christians, morals, persecution worldwide, etc.)
  • In what ways would remembering Esther and God’s ultimate authority help you in those situations?